The Space to Write

Most of the time, I write in my living room on a repurposed sofa table I forced my wife to help me carry into the house after I found it at a dumpster. The only thing it doesn’t have is the ability to push my chair underneath it. But who needs that? I like to have my area clear, except for my multitude of colorful pens I tend to keep close by. There is something comforting about having pens close by, just in case I need to get creative.
Very recently, I asked my wife to hook up a second monitor to my desk so I can “research on one screen while I write on the other.” I haven’t quite gotten used to the second screen and I also have not actually researched much in the last week. Maybe tonight I will use the second screen to hold my homework notes while I retake some homework quizzes.
Right now, I am sitting on my patio. Most of the time, patios are bright spaces in back yards that overlook some trees. This patio, since I am in a garden apartment, is dug out and filled in with concrete. I don’t know why this condo has a dug-out patio while other condos in this same complete do not. Maybe the contractors realized it was a stupid idea after completing the first building. Although it is not pretty, gets no light, and no plants could survive here – it does offer a lot of privacy. I have my little table and chairs, yet, no neighbor talks to me since I am hidden from sight.
I have not had these table and chairs very long. In fact, I think it has only been two weeks. So far, I have used them three times to complete homework. This is my first blog written out here. I don’t need much to write, just a comfortable space.
A strange thing I do is put headphones in my ears even though I am not listening to music. It helps create an enclosure in my mind that outside noises take away. It makes me feel comfortable, so I do it to create that space I am looking for when I am writing.
I’ve never fared well when I go into a public space to write. I can handwrite outlines or notes but I cannot get into a creative mode to write a story line. I suppose I have not tried in a very long time. I think I prefer my patio to a library or coffee shop. Also, I have to pack everything up if I need to go pee – that sucks.
I suppose what I am trying to say is, everyone has their own place they use to get into the mindset to write. Writing at home probably makes me a homebody since I have to spend so much time not leaving the house. I think it is a necessary evil because I would otherwise be unhappy. I would never get anything done. Ugh, I hate even imagining it.
Ideally, when I am a grown up with a house, I will have an office with a window that looks out on a backyard or garden. This way, I can still feel as though I am sitting outside even when snow is on the ground or it is just too cold. For example, it is July 30 and only 70 degrees outside. It is a bit chilly in my underground patio.
I like my space because it makes me feel inspired. I don’t have to worry about ordering another coffee or losing my seat because I have a small bladder. It is also nice when my cat decides to sit in my lap while I am writing for what seems like forever.
I think being comfortable in a writing space is one of the most important aspects of being a writer. I am happy to have achieved at least some of my writing space needs. Now, I just need to make sure I am not getting distracted by cat videos and Facebook posts while in that comfortable space.

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